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Welcome to UnlockingTheGuitar.com, and to your opportunity to understand your guitar as never before. Below you will find information on all the guitar lessons we currently have available.

Bar Chords Made Simple

Feel intimidated by bar chords? There’s no need! In this course, you’ll learn how to play bar chords from the ground up, including tricks to ease you into them slowly, as well as finger exercises to increase strength & dexterity. Knowing how to play bar chords really opens up the fretboard for the rhythm player!

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Unlocking I IV V

Understand how and why chords work together! Learn the simple rules that govern which chords belong in each key, and ways that you can quickly them all. We’ll also take a look at how you can build your own chords, so you’ll never have to rely on chord charts again!

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Guitar Scale Patterns

This guitar lesson builds on the concepts taught in Unlocking I IV V, and takes them much further into a deeper understanding of scales and how they relate to the fretboard. You will learn how solos come directly from the scales, and how you can play a scale or solo in any position you want on the fretboard. Specific scale patterns are demonstrated in close-up detail and taught in a way that will truly make your fretboard come alive in your hands.

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30 Blues Jam Tracks

This collection of 30 blues backing tracks will seriously spice up your practice time! Playing over jam tracks is an excellent way to develop your ear as you learn to listen to the music and fit your own playing into it. Timing, fluidity and speed all improve as a result. This is a great way to work over new riffs you’re learning, or simply to practice your scales! 45 minute bonus lesson included.

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Decoding The Bass Guitar

Bass players – prepare to play like never before! Decoding the Bass Guitar takes the concepts that are covered in Unlocking I IV V and Guitar Scale Patterns, and applies them specifically to the bass guitar. You will learn how you can truly cover the entire fretboard using only two scale patterns, and furthermore you will learn how you can use the intervals in the scale to create riffs and fills like never before!

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